Free Web Scrapers For Non-Professionals – Semalt Tips

The tools we are going to discuss here are perfect for both programmers and non-professional users. The best part is that they are available online as freeware that helps to perform the variety of web scraping tasks and are recommended by experts.

Web Scraping Plugins/Extensions

If you are looking for web scraping plugins or extension, you should try the followings:

Data Scraper(Chrome)

It is an amazing web scraping program that can extract information from lists and tables and convert it into XLS and CSV files. This is a Chrome extension that comes with lots of options. Data Scraper is available both in free and paid versions. It does not require any coding. However, you should install Google Chrome to get the most of this cool plugin.

Web scraper (Chrome)

This tool is great for those who are using Google Chrome as the primary web browser. Web Scraper is available for instant download and allows you to create simple sitemaps. You just need to create a sitemap and specify what kind of data you want to be extracted. Then, you can import the data obtained to the CSV files.

Scraper (Chrome)

It is another wonderful web scraping tool that you should not miss. Scraper is a user-friendly program that can extract as many files as you want and organize data into convenient formats. You just have to select the text and paste it into a table, then click on the Scrape Similar button and allow this program to perform its functions.

The following programs act as powerful web scraper clients:


Octoparse is an easy-to-use and powerful scraper that handles both dynamic and static websites with cookies, javascript, and AJAX. You can instantly download files and create craping tasks to extract data from any site without any need for username and password. This freeware supports Windows system and doesn't work with other systems.


Just like Octoparse, Parsehub is a superb web scraping tool that collects data from sites using AJAX technology, JavaScript, and cookies. Due to the special machine learning technology, it can read, evaluate and transform web documents into the relevant data. Its desktop applications support Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Visual Scraper

This is one of the best free web scrapers. Visual Scraper comes with a simple point-and-click interface and can be used to collect a huge amount of data. You can easily get real-time data from the desired pages or sites and can export it to the CSV, JSON, SQL and XML files.

Outwit Hub

It is a Firefox extension that can be download from the official Firefox add-ons store. Once you have installed and activated it, this program will work with your browser. Besides, it has data points recognition features that can make your scraping experience as pleasant and convenient as possible. Its set up is fairly simple, and you can quickly extract the data you need. The scraped data is saved in the JSON, RSS and XML formats.

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